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Clean label coatings and low-sodium ingredients

Published: 22-03-2016, | Member: De Korrel Beheer

De Korrel Beheer is right on trend with innovations that can help food manufacturers reduce their products’ sodium content or market clean-label foods. These include the company’s low-sodium batter mix, clean label soy sauce, and an amino acid mix that can be used to replace injection brine.

With its five shades of orange bread crumb, six shades of yellow bread crumb and one golden bread crumb, De Korrel Beheer subsidiary ECS Paneermeel is undeniably a bread crumb specialist. Another subsidiary is MasterMix, which supplies tailor-made sauces, batter mixes and coating systems, ingredients and marinades. De Korrel’s third subsidiary is a joint venture with HB Specialty Foods LLC, an American company specialized in potato coating systems. The Dutch side of the venture is an independently operating global supplier of batter mixes and ingredients for the meat processing and deep-fried snacks industry.

“Bread crumb is a commodity,” says Paul Vos, sales manager at De Korrel Beheer. “It was our first product when we started 20 years ago. Since then, our product range has grown exponentially and now we supply all sorts of different tailor-made solutions for the food industry.” Vos started the company with his associate, John Dokter. The company has its own modern production facilities, a lab and a test kitchen.

Sodium reduction and ‘clean’ lists of ingredients are hot trends in the industry. De Korrel Beheer has developed innovations that can help manufacturers reach these goals. For example, De Korrel’s binder for bread crumb now contains less sodium. “We’ve reduced the sodium content of our batter mixes and we’ve also replaced part of the sodium with potassium. Particularly in batter mixes, you have to be careful not to compromise functionality. Sodium has ionizing properties that play a crucial role,” cautions Vos.

De Korrel Beheer’s experts have also succeeded in lowering the sodium content of its injection and tumble brines, used in the meat processing industry to limit drip loss. To this end, the company developed a special amino acid mix with the same functionalities as traditional brine. “It’s called Danine and can be used to tumble meat, fish and chicken. This mix slightly increases the product’s pH and hydrophilicity, so it stays nice and juicy.”

‘No additives’ soy sauce
De Korrel Beheer has also innovated in the field of sauces, to meet the growing demand for additive and preservative-free products. As Vos explains, “We use soy sauce as an ingredient in many of our sauces. But most types of soy sauce contain preservatives, such as citric acid and sorbates. We didn’t want this and it wasn’t necessary either, because we were using it for deep-frozen products. So we decided to formulate our own, very tasty soy sauces with no additives or preservatives. And then, based on those, we developed several new sauces.”

The company is also working on a special coating to make French fries better suited to air frying. “We’re developing this product in conjunction with a potato breeder and an air frying equipment manufacturer,” says Vos. “Our contribution is to develop a coating that improves the quality of the fries after frying. This is a great example of how collaboration can lead to new solutions. Our customer base is very diverse and we continue to combine technological knowledge with creativity,” Vos says.

De Korrel Beheer