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Food Valley Society 2016 @ Sime Darby Unimills (members only)

Published: 02-03-2016, | Member: Sime Darby Unimills

Food Valley NL organizes six field trips exclusively for members. Each is hosted by one of the member companies and deals with a particular trending theme.

In today’s society, consumers are conscious about what they eat, they want to know the origin of their ingredients and expect the food industry to be fully transparent in their efforts by making food with the highest sustainability and quality standards. Sime Darby Unimills is proud on its 100 year’s heritage in manufacturing vegetable oil based ingredients for the European food industry.

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Being part of the Sime Darby group (, a recognized global leader in sustainability, Sime Darby in Europe has access to the unique supply chain of responsibly produced palm fruit oils. Palm fruit oils which are sourced from our own RSPO-certified plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia, but also from more than 50.000 small farmers in Papua New Guinea, Salomon Islands, Indonesia, Malaysia and in the near future Liberia. Palm agriculture supports local economic development and provides a fair income to small farmers. Sime Darby’s good agricultural practices developed into smart precision agriculture based on good science. Combined with Sime Darby’s social practices and no deforestation policy, Sime Darby provides its customers with truly sustainable palm fruit oils.

At its site in Zwijndrecht, Sime Darby has all modern vegetable oil-processing technologies available, ranging from traditional refining to modern enzyme technologies. This allows Sime Darby Unimills to create value for our customers by: (1) thorough understanding of the needs of our customers and the markets in which they operate; (2) supplying high quality vegetable oil based ingredients fitting into a healthy lifestyle; (3) tailor-made fat functionalities. This is all supported by good science and facilities at Sime Darby Innovation Centre Europe, including state-of-the-art oil processing pilot plants, analytical centre and product developments laboratories.

Tuesday May 24th, 2.30 – 6.30 pm

Sime Darby Unimills, Lindtsedijk 8, 3336 LE, ZWIJNDRECHT

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