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Published: 01-01-2017

Food Valley NL organizes five field trips (exclusively for members) each hosted by one of the member companies surrounding particular trending topics.

Bringing knowledge that until now could only be obtained from agricultural laboratories into the hands of farmers worldwide, is the reason why Dutch Sprouts was founded in 2013. As we have experienced in the Netherlands, knowledge is key to increase yields, enhance producing enough to feed the growing world population. As a spin off of one of the oldest and renown agricultural laboratories in the Netherlands, Dutch Sprouts is a young enterprise, but with decades of experience.

Dutch Sprouts’ companies have developed services to optimize yields using very affordable smart sensors and intelligent in-house developed databases. The two main Dutch Sprouts’ companies are Clear Detections and SoilCares. Clear Detections has developed disease diagnostic DNA kits for plant laboratories for nematodes and Panama disease in bananas. Dutch Sprouts’ company SoilCares takes care of the chemical part of soil and digital counting and identifying insects in greenhouses with the Scoutbox. The latest and most innovative development of SoilCares is the SoilCares Scanner. The Scanner provides real time, in the field measurements of pH and the main nutrients in soil and practical fertilizer recommendations via an App on your smartphone. With the use of SoilCares Scanner even a small scale farmer in Kenya will know how to increase yields by applying the right fertilizer.

Tuesday July 4th, 2.30 – 6.30 pm

Dutch Sprouts, Nieuwe Kanaal 7C, 6709 PA, WAGENINGEN

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