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Bubble-in-the-Seal technologies for food packaging

Published: 30-03-2016

Easy to open and easy to use. The PopPack® bubble-in-the-seal technologies offer new packaging solutions to optimize consumer convenience and save food. PopPack’s innovations may be applied to a wide variety of package types, suitable for many different food products.

Hundreds of millions of packages are opened daily for food, healthcare products, household goods, and consumer goods. However, many flexible and rigid containers, bottles, and jars are very difficult to open. There is a need for a new, effective and inexpensive way to open flexible and semi-rigid packages without tearing or using a sharp instrument, and without destroying the container or its re-closable feature.

Pop of a bubble
Packages incorporating PopPack’s technologies offer a new solution as they are easy to ‘pop’ open, simple to use, and safe for consumers of all ages. With a simple ‘pop’ of a bubble, the package opens while maintaining nutritional content and reducing both food product and packaging waste.

PopPack, a San Francisco-based company has developed these innovative solutions for consumer packaging by using air in a bubble acting as a lever to pop open packages. The company has protected it’s numerous inventions by patents and trademarks issued and pending around the world.

Save food solutions
PopPack’s bubble-in-the-seal technologies can contribute to saving food and maintaining nutrition by keeping the package intact and allowing the product to be fully consumed, without food loss; the packages are easy to empty, re-close and recycle. Throughout the world, about 1.3 billion tons of edible food product are wasted each year. PopPack focuses on the rising need to develop packages that keep food from spilling, oxidation, spoiling, infestation and contamination so that the product package can be reclosed, reused, and landfill waste volume minimized.

Distinctiveness in marketing
The PopPack solutions offer also new opportunities for marketing. Maintaining and increasing market share, providing socially responsible products, and building consumer loyalty is a constant challenge for many brands and companies. PopPack offers ‘multi-sensory marketing solutions’ that transform the frustration of opening products into a fast-opening, tactile, ‘sensational’ and ‘fun’ experience for customers of all ages. This capitalizes on new market opportunities: PopPack is safe and easy to use, family-friendly, as well as socially and environmentally responsible.

Food industry applications
PopPack offers innovative, simple, and inexpensive packaging system for an infinite number of sealed package formats, including sachets, trays, pouches, and bags – for ready-to-use, single portion or multi-portion applications. Solutions utilize existing packaging machinery, with only minor retrofits required. Together with brandowners and converters, PopPack co-develops its packaging solutions and licences its technologies worldwide. PopPack holds more than 100 issued patents covering 70% of the world’s population.

PopPack looks forward to developing new relationships with food industry brand owners and suppliers who seek innovative technologies and who may be interested in licensing from PopPack. Additionally, PopPack values its connection to the knowledge base and networks that Food Valley provides to the food industry – in the Netherlands, Europe and to its members around the world.