Working on new vegetable oil solutions

Published: 18-02-2016, | Member: AAK Netherlands

“Innovation is a top priority at AAK. We therefore  work in close collaboration together with our customers on new solutions”, says Mindy Danial, Technical Product Developer at AAK. “Our products help our customers to achieve long lasting business results.” The value-adding vegetable oil solutions by AAK find their way to many industries, such as Bakery, Chocolate & Confectionery, Dairy and Infant Nutrition.

AAK differentiates themselves from other suppliers by offering value-adding solutions for customers as opposed to delivering bulk products. Through a unique co-development approach AAK brings together its customers’ skills and know-how with its own capabilities and mindset. This allows for several customer-specific needs to be solved across many industries.

AAK has over 140 years of experience in oils & fats, 19 different production facilities and more than 2,700 employees worldwide. In the Netherlands, AAK’s production site is located in Zaandijk where 80 employees are dedicated to providing innovative, value-adding solutions for customers. At this location, several blends are made from, amongst other raw materials, palm, sunflower, coconut and rapeseed. Using these raw materials, AAK tailor-makes blends for customers supplying to the infant nutrition industry. Besides infant nutrition, the location in Zaandijk also supplies to the chocolate & confectionery industry and provides ingredients for marinades.

Infant formula
There is an increasing demand for infant nutrition, especially in Asia, and as consumers become more concerned about the environment and sustainability, the infant formula industry is moving towards natural solutions with minimum additives and gentle processing.

“With our expertise we are able to customize products, with for example our Akonino®Organic range, for all baby milk and food applications, and we aim to do more”, says Mindy Danial. “We need to expand our network by looking for partners to co-develop with, which is one of many reasons why we joined the Food Valley Society.”