TH True Herbal superfood beverages are launched in Vietnam

TH True Herbal superfood beverages are launched in Vietnam Published: 16-10-2017

Recently, TH Group launched their TH True Herbal products in Vietnam.  Two years ago, these innovative superfood beverages were introduced in the United States, after a successful collaboration with NIZO. Due to the success in the United States, it was decided to introduce the beverages in Vietnam. The beverages will arrive on the shelves of all major Vietnamese supermarkets this year.

True Herbal superfood

Three of the five True Herbal beverages – lime, passion fruit and blackberry – were launched in Vietnam on 20 August 2017. NIZO was happy to be part of the launch. Marc Goemans, CCO of NIZO: “We are very enthusiastic about the launch of the superfood beverages in Vietnam. Two years ago, we started this fruitful collaboration which resulted in the successful market introduction in the US. NIZO’s expertise in ingredients, flavours, shelf-life testing, including assessment of stability of functional ingredients, and efficient up-scaling resulted in an easy ‘hand-over’ to commercial USA production facilities.”

Indigenous, traditional, natural ingredients are increasingly being embraced by the Vietnamese consumer for their health and wellness benefits. The rise of the clean label movement is causing consumer demand for products with ingredients they understand. But it goes beyond packaging: “Consumers want to know the source of their ingredients,” according to Madame Thai Huong, Chairwoman of TH Group. “Whether you’re looking for protein power, energy, a vision boost, a relaxation or heart health support, True Herbal beverages can provide you with those benefits in just a few sips. We are excited to bring these products to the Vietnamese market.”

About TH Group

Established in 2008 by Mrs. Thai Huong, TH Group has made big considerable success with TH True MILK brand-name. Possess more than 70 assorted fresh milk products in its inventory, TH group is the biggest supplier of fresh milk in Vietnam. TH Group has won many prestigious local and international awards. In February 2005, TH dairy farm was recognized as “The biggest hi-tech dairy farm in Asia” by the Asian Record Organization. Inheritance this achievement, the Group TH continue to pioneer and set up the foundation for organic products follow the EU standard and the USA standard such as vegetables, milk and herbal product which are truly nature.