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Reformulate with ingredients and process for efficiency and health

Published: 01-04-2016, | Member: Bakery Academy

Custard without E-Numbers, cake with 40% less fat and 60% less sugar, and a baked sports bar are just a few of the innovative products Bakery Academy has developed in collaboration with its clients. Bakery Academy consultants develop innovations that respond to market trends, such as the demand for healthier product offerings.

“Industrial bakeries are known to make concessions in terms of product quality and processes,” says Jos Vast, Bakery Academy’s managing director. “That’s because they often work with standardized raw materials and equipment. Purchasing efficiency and short-term development costs are considered important too. As a result, few take into account the functionality of the different ingredients. From my own experience I know that the efficiency in the bakery can go up tremendously if you do thus take into account. It’s crucial to analyze the composition of your raw materials and adjust your baking process without compromising your end product’s characteristics.”

Bakery Academy was established in 2009. Its origins lie in Vast Bakeries, an industrial, family-owned bakery with a long history. Jos Vast, part of the third generation, noted that there was a great need in the bakery sector for more fundamental knowledge on both ingredient functionality and process technology. Leveraging the expertise and experience he gained in the former family business, Vast started a consultancy firm. In 2012, he built a new test bakery to experiment with new recipes and technologies.

Healthier products
“Our first big consultancy consignment was the design of a new and highly-efficient cake factory for a German company. Here we have developed the recipes and factory made commissioning, including training of personnel,” says Vast. “At Vast Bakeries, we have developed a recipe for cake with 40% less fat and 60% less sugar. That cake has been successfully introduced to the market.

“One thing led to another and we were asked to advise other companies,” Vast says. “Bakery Academy helped various bakeries reformulate their products. In addition to the replacement of sugar and fat, we also pay great attention to develop gluten-free and clean-label products. The premise is always that ‘pampered with tasty products also healthy (there) may be’.”

Vast is proud of the bakery innovations Bakery Academy has participated on, including a healthy, baked sports bar, additive-free custard and a banana meal cookie. “We developed that gluten-free banana cookie for a client in Uganda, by the way. Much of our work is for clients from abroad. We’ve worked for companies in Belgium, Chile, Ecuador, Germany, India, Mexico and Pakistan.”

Process technology
Bakery Academy also provides process technology consultancy services for the bakery industry, Vast says. “We’ve designed a process for the industrial production of lava cake. Converting an artisanal treat into an industrially manufactured dessert was quite a challenge. We had to change the recipe to include an extra heating step. We also had to take into account the baking, bake-off, cooling and freezing processes, as well as the product’s handling stability, for robotic packaging for example.”

Vast says he is convinced that industrial bakeries can become more effective if they analyze their baking processes, the raw materials they use, and the relationship between these two factors. “If you know what you’re doing, you stay ahead of the game. That’s just as true for bakery as any other industry.”

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