Protein hydrolysate can help prevent diabetes

Published: 05-01-2016, | Member: Newtricious

NewtriFlow® is a new protein hydrolysate that has a clinically proven effect on reducing the risk factors of metabolic syndrome (MBS, also known as pre-diabetes), which has become a modern epidemic. Newtricious recently presented the results of the clinical trials at the Supply Side West trade show in Las Vegas (USA). Visitors showed great interest in the product’s further development, distribution and marketing.

NewtriFlow® is extracted from egg protein. In 2011, Newtricious started human clinical trials to test the effect of the egg protein hydrolysate on maintaining vascular function. The ingredient was tested in three placebo-controlled, double blind randomized studies among more than 200 subjects in Cork, Ireland and at Nutrim in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The trials showed that NewtriFlow® had a beneficial effect on four out of five risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome. The clinical studies show that NewtriFlow® may help to combat MBS by:

  • Reducing triglycerides in the blood;
  • Reducing blood sugar level (glucose) and increasing sensitivity to insulin;
  • Lowering blood pressure;
  • Increasing HDL (good) cholesterol.

Furthermore, it was shown that NewtriFlow® enhanced the elasticity of the vascular wall.

NewtriFlow® is available as an ingredient for use in food supplements and other food applications and is also available as an end application. Newtricious is currently talking to potential partners about further development, and worldwide distribution and marketing.

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