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SoilCares Scanner for sale in Africa

Published: 08-06-2016, | Member: Dutch Sprouts

Farmers will soon be able to purchase an innovative handheld scanner that enables them to analyze their soil. The scanner was developed by SoilCares in Wageningen, a subsidiary of Dutch Sprouts Group. Under a recent agreement between Dutch Sprouts and investment company Nimbus, the scanner will soon be launched on the market.

The scanner is a small handheld device with a sensor, linked to a database with information about crops and fertilizers. The scanner makes it simple for farmers to take a soil sample and have it analyzed. Unique software compares the results of the analysis with information in the database to generate a fertilization recommendation. Such recommendations have enabled farmers in Kenya to increase their crop yield per acre by 25% or more, a pilot study has shown.

In 2016, SoilCares is going to manufacture 2,000 scanners in the Netherlands, intended for sale in Kenya. At first, the scanners will be sold mainly to consultants and brokers. Thanks to the involvement of Nimbus, Dutch Sprouts can roll out this new product in Kenya and subsequently in other African countries. Nimbus is a suitable partner because of its strong background as a business accelerator.

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