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Yama introduces all-natural umami powder

Published: 18-12-2015, | Member: Yama Products

All-natural, clean label and low-salt products are what the food industry is focusing on these days. Ingredient supplier Yama products introduces three new, all-natural Umami powders that match these trends.

The new line of umami products is the latest addition to Yama’s umami range. “Powdered Umami is a valuable addition to our product range,” says Martijn Muijsers, Account Manager at Yama. “A great way to use our WBS 29 umami powder is as a savory seasoning in deep fried and salty snacks. WBS 29 has a flavor profile that’s similar to traditional flavor enhancers while it can be used to reduce the product’s salt content.” Earlier, Yama introduced liquid umami ingredients called LUSS (Liquid Umani Savoury Solution).

Three varieties
The new line of dry umami products consists of three all-natural varieties. Two are fermented products: WBS 29 and WBR 210. The latter has a strong, dark meaty flavor and is ideal for meat products and sauces. The third product, called Natural Seasoning Sauce Powder, is based on kombu (seaweed). Even in very small doses, this powder gives soups, sauces and seasonings a full and rich flavor.

Yama Products BV develops, manufactures and distributes savory flavor solutions for the restaurant and catering business, the food industry and retail. The company works with a large number of national and international companies on refining existing flavors and developing new concepts.

Yama Products