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TOP opens new innovation centre

Published: 17-01-2017, | Member: TOP

TOP BV has recently opened a new innovation centre in Wageningen, by the name of TOP Food Lab. With this new centre TOP expects to be able to support manufacturers with a faster market introduction of new products.

The TOP Food Lab is located in the practice-innovation part of the Dutch Bakery Centre (see picture). It offers more room for the development and trial production of, among others, bakery products, dried products, healthy snacks and chocolate. For TOP it is a long-cherished wish to open also in Wageningen a food grade location like this, thereby expanding their service package.

The location is interesting for a lot of TOP’s customers, like food companies and startups that need support with the development and market introduction of new products. The innovation centre enables a faster product and process development of a broad range of products. New technologies can be tested quicker and more easily, accelerating the market introduction.

Innovative entrepreneurs in the food industry are invited to come and see the new TOP Food Lab. They can contact TOP BV in Wageningen to make an appointment.