TOP develops vegetable pâté

Published: 23-12-2015, | Member: TOP

TOP has developed a concept for the industrial production of its vegetable pâté. At the request of a group of entrepreneurs, the company has explored how the production process can be scaled up and has done a feasibility study. With the concept now ready for marketing, TOP is looking for business partners to take the next step. 

Entrepreneurs Ton and Lianne van Hees asked TOP to study their idea for a vegetable-based bread or toast topping. TOP tested various formulations and production processes and developed a vegetable pâté concept. A follow-up study looked into feasibility, scaling, necessary equipment and rough costing.

Peter Janssen of Janssen Ei is a partner in the project. Egg is an important ingredient in the pâté. It determines the product’s texture and firmness. The egg protein is also a valuable addition in terms of nutritional value. The Food Agency designed packaging for the vegetable pâté and determined the product’s positioning.

TOP works with a multidisciplinary team of processing technologists, food technologists and food designers, giving the company in-house expertise and experience with all facets of new product development. TOP can offer assistance in determining flavor, designing production processes, and making realistic cost estimates.