Automated and robotized plant phenotyping facility

Published: 10-06-2014, | Member: KeyGene

KeyGene has expanded  the automated and robotized plant phenotyping facility -PhenoFab®. The majority of PhenoFab phenotyping projects focus on various breeding traits like drought, biomass, architecture, water/nutrient use efficiency, correlating yield parameters with early stage plant digital traits etc.

With extended knowledge and expertise in the field of digital phenotyping and novel and innovative approaches, PhenoFab® has realized additional crop and seed applications. Applications that now have been developed and services available are geared towards crop protection industries involved in seed treatment, development of new agro chemicals and biologicals. Using the new phenotyping applications the crop protection industry can now test and precisely measure the effects of their products on the growth of crop plants and their wellbeing. Such studies help to precisely define the combinatorial effects of the seed/chemical/biological treatment on the growth of various crops for different genotypes under different growing conditions. The ability to measure even the smallest growth differences provides the customers with vital feedback to improve their products and boost their R&D and marketing efforts towards the development and characterization of innovative and competitive products.