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Scelta Taste Accelerator wins Fi Innovation Awards

Published: 18-12-2015, | Member: Scelta Mushrooms

Scelta Taste Accelerator has been awarded two Fi Innovation Awards at the Fi Europe in Paris. The sodium reduction ingredient was announced as winner in the category ‘Best Functional Innovation’. The ingredient also won the overall title as ‘Most Innovative Food Ingredient’.

The awards are part of the Food Ingredients Europe 2015 tradeshow, which was held in Paris from 1 to 3 December. The Fi Innovation Awards honors companies and professionals for their ability to demonstrate, stimulate and inspire industry advancements. These awards recognize major contributions to the food and beverage industry through nine categories in addition to ‘The Most Innovative Food Ingredient’ as 2015’s overall winner of the Fi Innovation Awards.

Scelta Taste Accelerator effectively addresses a problem many food companies are struggling with. The majority of the world’s population consume more salt than the recommended daily guideline, resulting in various health issues. In the Western diet about 80% of salt intake comes from processed foods, such as bread, meat and cheese. Unfortunately, reducing salt in food products also reduces flavor and palatability in the initial phases of the reduction of salt intake. Scelta Taste Accelerator uses the natural power of umami to reduce sodium without losing taste. It is a natural alternative to artificial flavor enhancers MSG/I+G/AYE, but also a sodium reduction tool in a wide range of processed foods. Sodium reduction results of up to 50% have been achieved.

The jury of experts awarded Scelta Taste Accelerator the Fi Innovation Award for Most Innovative Food Ingredient since it combines an entrepreneurial approach with co-innovation and sustainability. It praised Scelta for meeting societal and consumer demands, by creating a functional and health promoting ingredient from waste products.

Scelta Mushrooms