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How your packaging can make a difference!

Published: 26-04-2017

How do consumers feel about my packaging? Have I invested enough in sustainability? Can the packaging improve the shelf life and food safety even more? Can I cut the cost of my packaging?

The European Packaging Gallery company cluster offers you the opportunity to get into contact with other innovative producers of food and food packaging. The goal of EPG is to improve the availability of knowledge and know-how on all aspects related to packaging and food processing in order to make packaging innovations more efficient. Do you have any questions about your packaging or would you simply like to know how consumers feel about your packaging? Feel free to send an email to

Soon you will be able to access the EPG online innovation platform, a database with a variety of packaging related companies. Pose your question or respond to others. No membership, but active participation and experience sharing to stimulate innovations. The announcement of various masterclasses, lectures and other activities in the field of packaging will follow shortly.

After establishing a solid foundation with the EPG innovation platform in the Netherlands, EPG will focus on communication between international players to create interactive and dynamic communication between food processing and packaging businesses, national as well as international.

The market for food packaging is extensive. Food producers show an increasing demand for sustainable material and added value. For instance, packaging with build-in intelligence to improve shelf life and food safety. The packaging manufacturers hold the key to many solutions. Within EPG we connect these two worlds to see to which new developments and forms of cooperation this might lead. Partners within the EPG project are Food Valley NL and DéDutch.

Improving the level of cooperation between the food sector and the packaging manufactures will speed up innovation. Food companies invest a lot in market research to find out if their concept appeals to the right target group while this is much less common practice in the packaging industry. On the other hand the food processing companies pay little attention to the development path of a packaging.

EPG will organize the first masterclass in June. This masterclass aims to increase the understanding between the two sectors and will offer marketers, product managers and product developers of food processing companies a good impression of the development path of a packaging.

Wish to participate in the project and/or be kept informed of the activities of the project? Please contact Ilse Dulk / Food  Valley NL or check

This project is enabled with the support of the Regional Fund for European development (EFRO) of the European Union.