NIZO and BaseClear join forces to offer state-of-the-art microbial genomic solutions

Published: 03-04-2015

NIZO food research and BaseClear, the genomics solution provider, have joined forces to offer a complete solution package for microbial genomics research. The combination of BaseClear’s state of the art genomic facilities and expertise, and NIZO’s expert knowledge of bacterial genetics and extended bioinformatics analysis will help customers to improve the selection of micro-organisms for industrial applications and perform more cost-effective projects. This will enable industry and academia to obtain faster and more accurate data, with integrated statistics and visualisation, which will speed up research and development of e.g. health mediating products or industrial microbes.

Modern genomic technologies based on massive parallel DNA sequencing (Next Generation Sequencing) have opened a wide range of possibilities for genetic research on microbial genomes and communities. These technologies allow the study of functional genes and gene clusters and their influence on an organism’s phenotype. When microbial organisms are used in fermentation or food production, genomic studies can be applied to gain improved understanding and influence their behaviour. 
Both NIZO and BaseClear have a long history of developing microbial genetics knowledge and have in recent years specialized and invested in state of the art genomic and bioinformatics technologies. 

The partnership offers new approaches for realizing an integrated metagenomics pipeline for efficient analyses of microbial communities, which can be applied to different habitats including the gut, skin or oral microbiome. This solution includes detailed advice on the experimental design (i.e. quality controls), the efficient extraction of DNA, a state-of-the-art taxonomic annotation pipeline, an interactive browser for the visualisation and first-line interpretation of the results. 
Further solutions will be added later this year and will include genome comparison, risk assessment and functional gene content analyses.
The NIZO – BaseClear collaboration will also work closely with customers to develop new solutions to address the most challenging issues faced in the coming years. 

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