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New: puffed Dutch quinoa!

Published: 22-12-2016, | Member: Dutch Quinoa Group

Unicorn Grain Specialties, the expert in texture, is presenting new expanded grains, seeds and pulses in its Presco® Food range for savory snacks, confectionery and bakery applications. Amongst others, ancient grains, such as quinoa, spelt, Kamut® Khorasan wheat, emmer and einkorn, are coming in all natural and clean label versions and support organic as well.

We are very proud to present you the ‘conventional baby sister’ of our Presco® Quinoa bio: Presco® Dutch Quinoa developed together with our partner Dutch Quinoa Group.

This quinoa is unique because it is grown in the Netherlands. Thanks to the local production, we have a short, transparent chain. Also we can keep a good focus on good quality: we know exactly what is happening with our quinoa.

The seeds of this plant have such good nutritional value, that it is sometimes called ‘super food’. Quinoa is a good source of protein, rich in vitamin B1, B6, E, folic acid, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Our Presco® puffing technology enables us to extend the grain several times its original size, using nothing else but steam and pressure. The shape of the grain remains intact, which enables a
wonderful presentation of the Presco® product.

Key words: high in protein, rich in dietary fiber rich in polyunsaturated fats and a good source of vitamins and minerals low glycemic index.

Our Presco® Dutch Quinoa is the perfect ingredient in your granola, granola topping or granola bar, as well as in your bakery products such as bread, cake or cookies.