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New product and applications development lab

Published: 10-06-2016, | Member: Corbion

Corbion recently opened an advanced R&D and applications laboratory in Gorinchem, the Netherlands. The company says its new facility will be pivotal to the continued delivery of innovative food ingredient and biochemical products and services to customers across the globe. Employing over 150 technical specialists, the laboratory focuses on the conception and development of new biobased products, comprehensive application development work and testing and trials.

State-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team enable Corbion to offer customers more collaborative New Product Development services, faster development times and exhaustive testing and trialing under conditions that mimic their specific manufacturing environments. The company says the new custom-made facility, measuring 3500 square meters, will allow for faster innovation, manufacturing flexibility for rapid sample provision or testing, and greater efficiency and responsiveness to customers.

Food ingredient innovations
In the new laboratory, Corbion is developing food ingredients aimed at increasing safety and freshness in the food industry. Fitted with dedicated laboratories for various sectors including meat, confectionery and other food and beverage applications, the center houses manufacturing equipment, microbiology instrumentation, taste testing and sensory facilities and a fully equipped kitchen to simulate product preparation and use in the home.

Biochemical solutions
In addition to its work in the food industry, Corbion’s new laboratory also develops biochemical solutions. With a new pilot plant, scale-up facilities and analysis equipment, the lab will be used to improve the sustainability and performance of industrial products such as coatings and adhesives, chemicals, home and personal care, pharmaceuticals and animal nutrition.

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