New ingredient provides taste, color and mouthfeel

Published: 03-02-2016, | Member: Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Europe

Ajirex NH, a yeast extract produced by Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences (MCLS), can be used to reduce the salt and fat content of foods. The ingredient is also suitable for enhancing fruit colors and improving the mouthfeel of sugar-free beverages.

Ajirex NH is a natural ingredient suitable for many different applications. An extract from Torula yeast, Ajirex NH is rich in peptides and fiber, low in free amino acids and glutamate, and nucleotide-free. As a consequence, it does not taste like a yeast extract or broth, and it does not provide a umami taste. Because of these unique characteristics, it is the only yeast extract in the market that can truly be used in sweet applications and beverages. Ajirex NH provides a creamy mouthfeel that has a nice filming effect on the tongue.

Magic Ingredient
“I call it our magic ingredient,” says Yolanda Werner, MCLS Europe’s R&D Manager. “It gives low-fat ice cream and yogurt a creamy mouthfeel. It gives sugar-free beverages more body, making them taste like they contain normal sugar. And Ajirex NH has another very special property; it enhances the red and blue color of anthocyanins present in fruits and vegetables.”

Ajirex NH also masks unpleasant tastes, Werner explains. “By adding Ajirex NH, you can mask the sourness of preservatives and the bitterness of potassium chloride. And the same goes for the aftertaste of many artificial sweeteners including stevia.”

Finally, Ajirex NH is non-hygroscopic, so it does not absorb humidity and does not become sticky. This makes it very practical to use, because the air in food production environments tends to be very humid. It is also an advantage when using it on a product like potato chips, which have to stay crisp.

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