Microperforated packaging technology for lease

Published: 01-02-2016

Produce packaging companies that use microperforated packaging no longer need to buy the necessary respiration meter and laser, because PerfoTec is offering this equipment for seasonal lease. To this end, PerfoTec is collaborating with produce packaging companies in the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

PerfoTec’s foil microperforation method creates tiny holes in packaging, lowering the oxygen content inside and slowing down the respiration of packaged fruit or vegetables. This keeps produce fresh longer and reduces losses in the supply chain.

Technology lease
An innovative collaboration pact between PerfoTec and two packaging companies is making this new technology widely available to produce packaging firms. Ivo Hendriks, Sales Director at PerfoTec, explains what drove PerfoTec to take this unusual step. “A cherry packer can’t afford to buy a respiration meter and a laser just for the season. So we got together with Amerplast in Scandinavia and Van der Windt Verpakking in the Netherlands and devised a way for companies to lease the technology. A cherry packer could use the technology for ten weeks, for instance. That makes a huge difference, financially speaking.”

PerfoTec’s Respiration Control System has been tested for a large number of products, such as stone fruits, berries, exotics, potatoes and freshly cut vegetables and fruits. Tests have shown that the technology extends supermarket shelf life by as much as four days. Until recently, the equipment was available only for in-line packaging systems. “This new solution makes it possible to use our technology for all fresh produce. This helps reduce food waste.”