Businesses located in the Netherlands

The Foodvalley membership is primarily intended for innovative businesses from the agro-food, feed and horticultural industries. Other organizations whose specific knowledge can help accelerate the innovation process of the primary target group are also welcome to join, as ‘Innovation Enabler’ or ‘Knowledge Partner’. Service and support organizations active in the agro-food, feed and horticultural industries that fall outside these two target groups can join as ‘Supporting Member’.

Businesses in the primary target group that are registered abroad without a subsidiary in the Netherlands, are invited to apply for the ‘International Foodvalley Membership’.

How can I apply for membership?
You can apply for membership filling in the application request below. Upon receipt of this request, we will send you an application form and membership information. Cost of membership depends on the size of your organization (number of employees). Startups receive a discount. For more information about the membership fees please go to FAQ.

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