Joined forces in robotics in food processing

Published: 01-02-2016

Together foodlife and Irmato will work on innovative solutions for food processing. The two companies have joined forces to develop robotics for the fruit and vegetable industry. The first foodlife-Irmato robotics innovation solution is expected to be launched and operational this year.

Robots can contribute to reduced costs, less manual labor, increased production, optimal process control, improved quality and minimized waste. Patrick Jansen, Managing director JFPT foodlife, explains: “Behind the scenes, foodlife has been working on robotic solutions for many years. Now together with our global and exclusive partner Irmato, a true system integrator with many years of experience in intelligent solutions, based on the unique philosophy of Smart Oriented Handling, we are ready for future of food processing robotic solutions.”

Martin F. Wieffering, Executive officer Irmato, says to be happy with the partnership: “In the solutions we develop and realize for our clients, technology is integrated at all levels: not only robotics and 3-D vision technology, but also control and management software along with ‘traditional’ mechanical engineering and precision engineering. The possibility for automating the handling of products with varying shapes in completely random positions makes our systems and installations especially interesting for the fresh cut fruit and vegetables industry.”

JFPT foodlife