Innovative fruit and vinegar-based syrup

Published: 12-02-2016

Shrubs is the brand name of a new fruit pulp and vinegar-based syrup developed by Pit-Foodconcepts, in partnership with Ediks. The syrup contains no added sugar. When mixed with water or club soda it creates a refreshing drink, and it can also be used in cocktails and desserts.

The syrup contains edik, a low-acid vinegar with unique qualities appreciated and used by many Michelin star chefs. It enhances the flavor of fresh ingredients so they stand out more in dishes. Its mildness also eliminates the need to add sugar, as is often done to temper vinegar’s acidity.

The syrup resulting from the collaboration between Ediks and Pit-Foodconcepts is 100% natural, organic, and contains no added flavors, aromas or coloring. Shrubs is available in four varieties: pineapple-passion fruit, apple-lemon, pomegranate-elderflower and orange-blueberry.

Shrubs is a healthy alternative for regular, sugary syrups. Shrub drinks – drinks combining two sour products – are very popular in the UK and the USA. However, American shrub drinks tend to be very sweet, according to Ediks’ owner Sjef Brok. “American shrubs contain a lot of sugar. Our shrubs are much healthier. Right now, we’re mainly targeting grown-ups. Later on, we’ll develop a special syrup for kids.” The new syrup will be carried by wholesalers and food specialty shops.