Healthy smoothie spreads @Food Matters Live 2015

Published: 14-10-2015

In early 2015, Yespers launched healthy fruit and vegetable spreads without added sugars, intended for use as sandwich fillings. The new spread is a healthy alternative for jams and marmalade. Yespers presented this tasteful smoothie spread at Food Matters Live in London 2015.

“Smoothies are very popular right now, but sooner or later people start craving something more substantial. That’s how we came up with the idea of a smoothie-type sandwich filling,” says Stefan Baecke of Yespers. Currently, Yespers markets three varieties: black currant-strawberry, pineapple-mango and raspberry-apple. “Our spreads also go great with yoghurt or ice cream,” says Baecke.

The spreads are pasteurized, preservative-free, allergen-free (with no lactose or gluten), and contain no artificial flavoring, coloring or aroma. The only additives consist of apple juice concentrate and pectin to improve the spread’s taste and gelling properties. The sugar content fluctuates around 17%. Because of their low sugar content, the spreads need to be refrigerated.

“Now that we’ve launched our first products, our next goal is to shorten the production chain and promote demand-driven production,” says Baecke. “That’s why we’re looking for farmers and growers interested in contract farming and more sustainable cultivation. We think that’s the way to create a more sustainable food production chain. Not just because production will better match demand, but also financially speaking, because it’s a way to distribute profits and risks more fairly.”

Retail and food services
It is Yespers’ ambition to market the smoothie spreads through both the retail and food services channels. Currently, the spreads are available from several Dutch supermarkets with more set to follow. Baecke calls the spreads a healthy alternative for jams. “Day care centers, nursing homes and hospitals have shown an interest, so we’re working hard on developing new varieties. And we’re not just developing different tastes which include vegetables, but we’re also developing totally different products. We’re collaborating with students and teachers from HAS University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch on this. But just to be clear: all new products will be based on the philosophy underlying our current product line: 100% natural spreads without additives.”