Govert van Oord: ‘Get to know your buyers’

Published: 20-10-2014

“Making an innovation into a success is really hard work,” says Govert van Oord, IXL Netherlands. “Every day business is time consuming for an entrepreneur. There are so many things you have to do when working on innovation. But it is also very important never to forget your targets.”

In 2011 IXL Netherlands won the Food Valley Award with the NutriPulse® e-cooker, an innovative technology which uses short electrical pulses to quickly ‘cook’ food at low temperatures without significantly altering its taste or nutritional value.

An other tip by Govert is to keep a keen eye on the ‘unique buyer reasons’ (UBR’s). He says: “You have to know the buyers of your product. What are they looking for? We have spend many hours on getting to know our potential buyers. We have presented the e-Cooker on a great number of places and there we have talked to potential users. We learned a lot of these discussions.”

Come and meet Govert van Oord at Food Valley Expo 2014, October 23rd, Conference Center Papendal Arnhem in the Innovators@work session. The other innovators in this session are:

Micreos, Mark Offerhaus
Phage technology to combat pathogenic bacteria

Newtricious, Jos Nelissen
Specialized nutrition containing enriched eggyolk contributing to the maintenance of normal vision

Ojah, Jeroen Willemsen
Plenti®, a plant-based meat substitute

Scoutbox, Joke de Jong
Scoutbox, a pest management tool for greenhouses

Each year, Food Valley NL presents the Food Valley Award, a prize that has become one of the most prestigious agro-food and feed innovation prizes in The Netherlands. An independent panel of experts judges the entries on their innovativeness, economic viability and degree of cooperation involved.

11.00 – 12.00 am – location: J, Innovation corner, Lower Level
Moderator of this session is Jan Hak, Hak & Partners

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