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Food Valley Summit Packaging Changing the Game

Food Valley Summit Food Packaging Published: 25-03-2017

The Food Packaging Summit, organized by Food Valley NL on the 7th of December, will feature various international speakers from the food packaging industry who will share their vision on the impact of changing supply chains on packaging.

Food and packaging have always gone hand-in-hand. Nowadays, emerging changes, such as the rise of e-commerce and the shift from in-store to in-home, forces us to develop new packaging solutions in emerging (global) supply chains. Food packaging shifts from its traditional role of containment and protection to a more active and intelligent role.

Also, food packaging is becoming more and more consumer demand driven: sustainable and less -or even zero- waste and still extending shelf life without loosing the fresh experience. At the end of the day, we will introduce you to some of the most innovative packaging ideas as tomorrow’s food packaging is already becoming intelligent with revolutionary materials.

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