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Food Valley Society 2016 @ FeyeCon Development & Implementation and VNK (members only)

Published: 02-03-2016, | Member: FeyeCon Development & Implementation

Food Valley NL organizes five field trips (exclusively for members) each hosted by one of the member companies surrounding a particular trending topic.

On the 5th of July FeyeCon and VNK will host a field trip, introducing their sustainable technologies.

FeyeCon is all about innovation and game-changing, clean technology. FeyeCon is a true process and product development company and global leader in CO2 technology. Using CO2 technology they strive to achieve a clean and sustainable planet. Don’t mistake them for just a research company. What sets them apart is the combination of R&D activities and a market driven approach. FeyeCon believes that virtually all products and production processes can benefit from CO2 technology. They are active in a wide variety of industries: the food & beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutics and textiles industry. FeyeCon offers tailor-made process design and equipment at bench, pilot and production scales. CO2 equipment is available on a contract basis, and they offer demonstrations and feasibility testing on pilot scale facilities.

In the food & beverages industry FeyeCon uses its versatile CO2 technology to dry, isolate valuable components, micronize, encapsulate and pasteurize products. All processes are clean (not using any chemical solvents) and mild (low temperatures and an inert atmosphere). One of FeyeCon’s pilot facilities is currently running at VNK, demonstrating their CO2 drying technology, which delivers a mild and energy efficient alternative to conventional (spray) drying.

VNK cultivates, harvests, preserves and imports various types of herbs, e.g. aromatic herbs for the food industry and medicinal herbs for the pharmaceutical industry. Due to VNK’s experience and their superior product quality the company is a leading player in the production of herbs. VNK’s modern and efficient production line in Biddinghuizen ensures the highest quality, while providing support to clients with product application, innovation, and quality assurance.

Tuesday July 5th, 2.30 – 6.30 pm

VNK, Loofklapper 25-27, 8256 SL, BIDDINGHUIZEN


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