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Food- & packaging manufacturers go international in European Packaging Gallery 2.0

Published: 17-02-2017

Continuing innovation and internationalization of food packaging for the food industry. The European Packaging Gallery, the cluster of companies aiming at innovative food packaging  – will have a sequel two years after its successful  launch. Purpose of Foundation European Packaging Gallery, Food Valley NL and DéDutch is to speed up the availability of skills and know-how of everything related to packaging and food processing.

“The market for food packaging is extensive, and food producers demand sustainable material and added value such as solutions to add intelligence to packaging in order  to improve shelf life and food safety. The packaging manufacturers hold the key to a variety of solutions. To connect those two worlds and to see to which new developments and cooperation this might lead, that is the essence of the EPG 2.0”, says Marc Oude Luttikhuis, initiator of EPG 1.0.

International clustering and cross-overs
“Networks enabling cross-overs between the food industry and manufacturers of material, machine builders, retailers, logistics and internet shops are crucial and must meet the latest demands. At the same time the participating companies emphasize the importance of an international network to speed up the development of new concepts and to obtain more grip on the market. Our focus lies on northwest Europe and North America” , says Oude Luttikhuis.

Sustainability and Intelligence
“To develop new marketing concepts and businesses, it is essential to know which innovative solutions are available. We publish innovations in the field of new packaging with more user comfort, improved sustainability and preferably at lower cost on This website is the place where a growing number of worldwide innovative solutions are published and companies find each other. Combined with the tailor-made matchmaking-events and innovation tours we can offer companies the right connections” says Roger van Hoesel, director Foundation Food Valley NL.

The project is an initiative of Foundation European Packaging Gallery – started at The Gallery on the premises of Twente University, Food Valley NL and DéDutch. The project is realized with the cooperation of the European Union from the Regional Fund of the European Development (EFRO).

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