“Eat well, live well”

Published: 22-06-2016

Eat well, live well is the corporate philosophy of Ajinomoto, a new member of the Food Valley Society since June 2016. “We keep a very close eye on technological developments in seasoning products,” says Tomohiro Kodera, Associate General Manager of Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

Ajinomoto’s history began in 1909, when founder Saburosuke Suzuki introduce Japan to the first umami seasoning based on an amino acid  – originating from traditional Japanese cuisine. “Adding umami makes for meaningful Koku perception in products”, Kodera explains.

Since then, Ajinomoto has become well-known far beyond the borders of Japan, with 27 production sites worldwide, including France, Belgium and Poland. The company boasts an impressive portfolio of products containing monosodium glutamate (MSG) – the source of umami. “In addition to seasonings we supply various kinds of processed foods, beverages and ready-to-eat meals to the market,” says Kodera, “and we provide amino acids for feed and pharmaceuticals, enzymes and sports supplements.”

New advances in umami
Innovation is just as important to Ajinomoto as it was in 1909. “We are always looking for new ingredients and technologies to make our products better and healthier, and our manufacturing processes more environmentally sustainable,” says the Associate Manager. “We want to set new standards for umami-based seasonings.”

It was this ambition that led Ajinomoto to become a member of the Food Valley Society, which they got to know during a business trip organized by Food Valley NL: “The Netherlands is a leader in food science and we follow developments there very closely indeed. ”