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Chemistry for a sustainable future

Published: 22-06-2016, | Member: BASF Nederland

Chemistry for a sustainable future is BASF’s mission. The multinational joined the Food Valley Society in June 2016, “We’re seeking partners who share our commitment to find global solutions for improved food quality, greater food security and higher food yields,” says Peter van den Hoek, Commercial Director Benelux.

Science and innovation are the founding values of BASF (, now over 150 years old. With chemistry at the core, the company has grown rapidly to 112,000 employees worldwide, providing products and solutions for almost every industry you can imagine. “For the food and feed industry, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes, carotenoids, organic acids and mycotoxin binders are just some of the products we supply”, Van den Hoek illustrates.

BASF also develops chemical and biological crop protection products for the agricultural sector. “Our innovative fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth regulators help the agriculture and horticulture sectors to increase yields and optimize crop quality”, says Van den Hoek.

Sustainable innovations
Agriculture, nutrition and health are important growth markets for BASF: these sectors contribute more than 10 percent of its global sales (in 2015: €70m). “There are interesting innovations in the pipeline which will enable BASF to increase its share in the agrifood sector”, says Van den Hoek. “Actively participating in networks such as the Food Valley Society will certainly support this goal.”

BASF hopes to find new partners willing to work together on sustainable innovations for improved food quality, greater food security and higher food yields. “We like to think along about solutions to societal issues and about the latest developments in agrifood, also when it comes to legislation. The Food Valley Society provides an excellent platform for this.”

BASF Netherlands