Avebe introduces a clean label food coating

Published: 03-11-2015

Eliane™ Bind 12 is a potato starch with unique properties that allow food manufacturers to create high quality and crispy coatings for fish and meat. With this ingredient a significant reduction of starch can be achieved in the recipes, while retaining a crispy coating. The benefits on taste, dosage and crispiness of Eliane™ Bind 12 give the manufacturer the opportunity to introduce new coating concepts in line with market requirements.

Avebe’s Market Manager Christer Andersson: “We have developed a new starch that gives our customers the opportunity to develop clean label crispy products. The combination of excellent taste and less dosage will be in favor of both consumers and manufacturers. The clean label trend is going on for quite a while now but with this latest development we proof that cost savings can be combined with excellent performance.”

Eliane™ is a ‘waxy potato’ starch containing more than 95% amylopectin which allows preparation of foods with unique functionality, textures, expansion characteristics and cost saving opportunities. It is the world’s first amylopectin potato starch obtained through traditional breeding techniques.