Targeted selection of starter cultures

Published: 16-05-2014, | Member: NIZO

CSK, a major dairy ingredient supplier with a large collection of starter cultures, consulted NIZO to get a better insight into the effect of individual strains and mixed-strain starters on cheese flavour formation.  The MicroCheese model developed at NIZO as part of the research programme of the Kluyver Center for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation was applied for the analysis of 15 mesophilic starter lactic acid bacteria of CSK.

NIZO produced Gouda-type micro cheeses (0.2 g each) with these starters under various conditions, including different  salt concentration, ripening temperature and lysis after acidification. After 13 weeks of ripening, in foil, analysis of volatile flavour compounds was successfully performed and cluster data analysis tools were applied for efficient evaluation of the results. This gave insight into the effect of the different starters and process conditions on the formation of flavour compounds and their level in the cheese. This study shows the applicability of the MicroCheese system for screening and comparing many cultures and conditions in a real product environment simultaneously. The model thus enables targeted selection by CSK of strains with desired properties.

NIZO food research