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Ag Innovation Showcase, May 8-9, 2017, University of California, Davis

Published: 13-03-2017

The Ag Innovation Showcase finds solutions to the biggest problems in food & ag.
The World Food Center at the University of California, Davis and Larta Institute have partnered to develop an annual Ag Innovation Showcase at UC Davis, May 8-9, 2017 brand to highlighy emerging commercial innovations for high value, nutritious agriculture and food. For the food and ag innovation community of entrepreneurs, investors, industry leaders, and scientists.

Since 2009, Larta Institute and the St. Louis-based Donald Danforth Center for Plant Sciences in St. Louis have produced the Ag Innovation Showcase.  Each September in St. Louis, the “Showcase” as it has become known, curates discussions about trends in the Ag industry, and presents high-impact innovations from around the world.  It is widely acclaimed as the “go to event” for Ag innovation globally.

The Showcase will leverage world-class research in crop, animal and food science at UC Davis alongside Larta’s high-impact programs that energize ideas and accelerate the path of innovation to the marketplace. Rising entrepreneurs from startup companies will join with agtech investors from this booming sector and researchers at the forefront of innovation.The Showcase will span innovations from the farmer to the consumer, from climate-smart technologies to advanced food safety solutions.

Themes of the 2017 Showcase include:

  • Automation & Robotics:  for fresh produce, fruits and nuts
  • Food Safety: from production to product
  • Boosting Nutrition & Sensory Value in foods
  • Innovation in the Livestock & Dairy Sectors

Early stage companies in the above areas who are seeking relationships for investment, partnerships, and other industry relationships are encouraged to apply to present.

Register before April 1st.